Yoga For Menstrual Cramps

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As women, we are lucky to have our bodies cleansing and renewing on a monthly basis. However, perhaps we still do not feel that lucky when this special time of the month is accompanied by period cramps and discomfort, not to mention the mood swings and heightened emotions! In this blog Nadiayoga provides a fantastic sequence of yoga for menstrual cramps to help relieve the monthly discomfort.

Period Yoga Sequence To Relieve Menstrual Cramps

When faced with the annoying period cramps, discomfort, mood swings and heightened emotions, luckily we have my best friend yoga at our service.

Yoga in general (and particularly in these cases) has been proven many times to work effectively to relieve pain and discomfort. Apart from the science behind it, I can speak from my personal experience as yogi and the experience from my students as a yoga teacher.

So, lets “get to work”. The yoga sequence could be used before or during the period but for best results it should be practised one week (or few days) before your period is due. Once you establish this routine you might even find that you get rid of the cramps before they even start.

However, if you are in this special time of the month while you are reading this article then here is what to do. Set the mood. Play some nice relaxing music. Switch off your phone and maybe even light a candle or defuse some essential oils and try these following poses.

Apasana – Wind release pose

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Yoga For Menstrual Cramps

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