Healing Happens In A Spiral


Ciara Jean Roberts is a Holistic Kidney Expert, Author, Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Yoga Teacher & Tedx Speaker. Her guest post reflects on the spiral nature of healing and how it can help to remind us that it’s ok to be in life’s ups and downs.

‘Healing happens in a spiral’ – something my dear friend Dana said to me many years ago, lunching together, after stomping through the nearby woods and all its wild glory.

And isn’t it so true. We are reminded of the helical shape of our very own DNA – the molecular instruction of life. The spirals and the layers. Our own biological nature that is so wise. Our ancestral DNA.

helix dna

That through our greatest storms and suffering, we traverse through gateways and portals that lead us into wisdom and insight we might never otherwise have experienced. This certainly is true of my own life experience. How does it resonate for you?

Feeling uncomfortable

Feeling uncomfortable is part of your own growth. We cultivate gnosis that when we are able to dance with our discomfort, it shows us the way to expansive places. Is it easy? Nooooooo!! Because we are asked to acknowledge our wounds, our broken hearts, our grievances and grudges held in our tissues and psyche. And how those might be informing our behaviours and our relationships. That more often than not, what we don’t like in another, is mirroring back what we don’t like about ourselves.

The spiral nature of healing reminds us that it’s ok to be in the ups and downs. It’s ok to feel our feelings. Modern life has in many ways numbed us out of our feelings. The media message might be more, ‘Distract yourself with this, buy that, listen to this, eat that.’….an endless command of instruction from outside of ourselves, that removes us from the greatest wisdom of all – ourselves. And all this is very much amplified in our current times, isn’t it? Especially if you were already in a troubled marriage or partnership, for example, and feel almost trapped, suffocated.

Be in the spiral

The invitation for these coming weeks is to allow yourself to be in the spiral. To reconnect with yourSelf. Self with a capital S, as Carl Jung called it – the unification of consciousness and unconsciousness. As he said, ‘Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’

What is lighting you up – and what is depleting you? Reflect on that, as you wish, journal about it, talk about it with loved ones, talk about it with yourself. Where is the equilibrium off?



Let us all recalibrate and invite greater equilibrium in. Please remember this is a unique process for you. What works for another, might not be in resonance for you. Where are you in your healing spiral at the moment?

Let your wise breath be your starting point. A highly practical and also highly effective tool when you feel those waves of anxiety. Connect with your breath. Or perhaps you are in a very heartbroken state having lost someone so very dear to you. Connect with your breath.

Be so very gentle

Breathe in, feel your cells being oxygenated, breathe out, dissipate tension, even if for now, it’s just a little bit. Loosen your jaw, send love into your own heart. Be so very gentle with yourself.

The spiral reminds us we rise up and feel well and hopeful, we spiral down and feel lost and isolated. Both are parts of your healing. And both remind you of your own aliveness.

So much love your way.

Ciara Jean Roberts

Ciara Jean Roberts

About Ciara

Ciara Jean Roberts photo

Ciara Jean Roberts is an author, speaker, yoga teacher and naturopathic nutritional therapist, with a passion for helping others help themselves. Very much influenced by the power of lived experience with her own kidneys, from the tender age of 4 to current day, she deeply understands the unique path we each have to heal and integrate our inner wounds.

A key message she shares is to help each human she works with, to awaken their own inner physician. A previous hectic career in credit risk, banking, sees her now in the 8th year of running her own endeavour, Wholly Aligned. Helping you live a life in alignment. To stay in touch, pop on her website and join her mailing list – inspiring and practical content for you, ranging from nutrition pearls, heartfelt shared story, to simple breath techniques and mudras to promote inner calm.

New book, ‘Wholly Aligned, Wholly Alive: Awakening your Inner Physician’, now available. Check it out here!

Watch her wonderful TEDx talk at Glasgow Caledonian University ‘Unlocking you inner physician’:

Photo credits:

Plant spiral by Jason Leung on Unsplash
Fern by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

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