A Time For Coming Home To Yourself

A time for coming home to yourself

Being someone who has the “luxury” of staying at home these days (unlike the nurses, doctors, supermarket staff, public drivers and all other brave souls that are doing their best to keep us safe and healthy), I wanted to utilize this precious time and write a few words that might come of use to whoever needs them the most!

It is indisputable that we are experiencing a completely novel and therefore unknown worldwide situation. One which is layered with complexity and long-standing effects and unknown aftermath. It is only natural that this situation generates feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, fear, worry, even depression (to name a few).

This is understandable, as it is “The Unknown”. A territory that we have never visited. Solutions and obstacles are unfolding before our eyes on a daily basis and there is no-one to give us reassurance and tell us what we should do. There’s no one to show us where lies the light at the end of the tunnel.

But you know what? There is someone. Someone very close to us.

It is not a figure of authority, a specialist, a government figure, a scientist with stats and numbers at hand.

It is our own self.

The self, that has seen failures, that has been through troublesome times, that has endured pain, suffering, and loss.

It is the self that has found the inner guidance, strength, courage to stand on her own two feet and smile at his achievements.

Finding peace and comfort, only to lose it around the next corner. Where life shares a surprising opportunity in the face of a lesson, and the self has to do it all over again.

I am using the word “self” here because we are much more than the accumulation of our emotions. We are also wisdom, vibration, spirit.

A time for coming home to yourself

Emotions, as known, are married to our thoughts and therefore go hand in hand in every situation.

So we need to be careful what kind of thoughts we will choose to incubate in our minds because they are going to create matching feelings! If those are pleasant, then good. But if not?

Then we suffer. It’s as simple as that. So choose wisely if you want to stay afloat, or even swim consciously in the waters of your own destiny.

Life will bring forth ample situations and it is in our own willingness and question of active choice whether we turn them into opportunities for growth, change and gradually, enlightenment.

Not a single soul will perceive the current situation in the same way. Like no soul has ever perceived any experience in the same way as the next.

But every single soul can ponder for a few moments while they read this.

Whether they wish to take this period as a productive one and make the best out of every change in their routine, every old or new thought that comes to play, every restriction that they face on a daily basis, every spark of creativity that has come to ease a vulnerable heart.

Remember that you are not alone in this!

For the first time perhaps, people can connect around the same vibration of energy, facing similar (from the outside) situations.

Let’s seize this opportunity and find ways where we can make it work for our personal growth, the betterment of our individual but also our collective karma.

Be patient; this too shall pass.

Be compassionate. You’re only a human being and it is expected to feel all that you feel.

Be brave! Ask for help whenever you need it, from whoever you think is the best choice for you at that particular moment in time.

And last but not least – remain a dreamer!

You will have plenty of “dream-catching up” to do once life resumes a more stable routine. Make sure you build strong foundations NOW so that TOMORROW you can enjoy the fruits of your labour and can proudly say to yourself that you never gave up on your goals, not even in the darkest of times.

Maintain your light and life will go on, as it always does…

Blessings from a warm heart,



Vasso is a Certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor, a Reiki Master energy Healer, an intuitive Bioenergy Healer, a spiritual coach and an artist. She divides her time between her spiritual home (Glasgow) and her home of birth (Athens), where she teaches yoga, spiritual development, meditation, art-expression and integration of mind-body practices. Vasso works with clients from all over the world, through online sessions, distant healing and coaching as well as one-to-one tutoring.

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A Time For Coming Home To Yourself

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