The Importance of Spiritual Practices for Modern Life

Spiritual Practices for modern life

Vasso is a Certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor, a Reiki Master energy Healer, an intuitive Bioenergy Healer, a spiritual coach and an artist. She discusses the importance of creating rituals of spiritual practices to help you cope with modern life.

We live in a world of ever-increasing speed of information, development, unnatural working rhythms, within environments that harbour competitiveness and continuous comparison of skills and attributes of a person.

Very often, these situations, can become overwhelming and draining. It is hard to predict a working outcome, adjust to challenging events and master a sense of worth within a culture that doesn’t always pay attention to the unique needs of the individual.

Alienation from ourselves

On a personal level (sometimes due to the strain of coping with numerous daily demands), our relationships become an area of confusion, stress, disappointment, even alienation. Alienation from ourselves (first and foremost) and then alienation from the ones we hold close to heart.

And as much as one tries their best to be self-aware and therefore work effectively in collaboration with others, the feeling of being “off-balance” is often enough to transform our perception of reality. Enough to cause a mental and emotional collapse.

Returning to our spiritual practices

In such moments, it is imperative that we return with even greater devotion and conscious choice to our spiritual practices.

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The Importance of Spiritual Practices for Modern Life

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