Discover The Secret To Mind-Body Wellness

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Two wellbeing practitioners have teamed together to share the secret of optimal health and wellbeing.

Emily Perrier, Yoga teacher, and Sarah Grant, nutritional therapist and wellbeing coach, believe the answer lies in maintaining the balance of the body’s natural energy centres – known as the chakras.

They believe that the regular practice of Yoga, combined with a colourful and varied daily diet, is the powerful formula that we have at our fingertips to provide the nourishment and care our energy centres, and minds and bodies really need.

Sarah Grant, nutritional therapist and wellbeing coach and Emily Perrier, Yoga teacher

What Are Chakras?

The chakras are the natural energy system of the body. The concept was first recognised in ancient Yogic philosophy when the core chakras were defined as seven wheels of energy that run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

When the energy is flowing freely through these seven vortexes, a person will feel vital and well. But when there are energy blocks through a chakra, this can manifest as pain, discomfort, illness or disease in the corresponding area of the body that the chakra governs.

Connecting Ancient Wisdom To Modern Day Science

What’s more fascinating is that modern neuroscience and lifestyle medicine is now recognising that these energy centres are also a series of interconnected psycho-neuro-endocrine systems.

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That means the chakras interact with the physical body through the endocrine system and the nervous system, with each of the seven chakras corresponding with a major hormonal gland and a particular group of nerves called a plexus.

How To Balance Your Chakras

Our thoughts, feelings, emotional health, physical health and spiritual health are all deeply interconnected, and when we use the chakras as a roadmap to all these aspects of our health and wellbeing, we can both identify and address the root causes of personal imbalances and physical and emotional ailments.

A wide variety of different methods can be used or combined together to balance the chakras including movement, food and nutrition, exploring emotional issues, uncovering mindset blocks, developing positive affirmations, visualisations, engaging in community activities, essential oils, practising breathing techniques, meditation, energy healing and many more.

Immerse Yourself In Mind-Body Wellness

In their Chakra Wellness Retreats and Self-Care Days, Emily and Sarah draw primarily on mindful, restorative Yoga practices and the promotion of healing foods, gentle nutrition and positive eating habits.

The duo aims to educate people on how the chakras correspond to their lives and health and to inspire and empower people with knowledge about how to nourish their bodies, helping them to leave their Retreats and Self-Care Days feeling truly re-energised.

Emily Perrier, Yoga teacher, and Sarah Grant, nutritional therapist and wellbeing coach

Sarah says: “I am passionate about helping people develop intuitive, energising and satisfying eating habits that nourish every aspect of their being and support their long-term health. Many dietary approaches focus on food restriction and rules, whereas my approach centres on variety and guiding people on how and why to eat a spectrum of colourful whole foods in their daily diets.”

Emily says that “creating Yoga practices based on each chakra enables the different energy pathways to open and flow more easily, and is a really interesting, fun way to explore our mind, body and soul in each practice. We also incorporate a range of other mind-body healing techniques into the experiences we design for our clients and guests, to holistically support their wellbeing and give them tools to use in their everyday lives.”


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Discover The Secret To Mind-Body Wellness

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